Antioxidant effect & Cell activity

ALFLAT® consists of Zinc,Selenium,Chromium,Rhodiola plant extra,Vitamin C and Royal Jelly mainly.

By strong antioxidant effect & cell activity force of these ingredients, ALFLAT® is able to contribute to your health.

Ingredient of the ALFLAT®
  • 【Product name】 ALFLAT®
  • 【Material】
    • Maltitol, Rhodiola plant extract powder, Vitamin C, Royal Jelly,Selenium yeast, Chromium yeast, Gelatine, Starch hydrolysate, Eggshell Ca, Zinc gluconate, Cellulose, Sucrose fatty acid esters, Arabic gum, Pullulan, Shellac, Carnauba wax , Corn protein.
  • 【Content amount】 60g(500mg×120tablets)
  • 【Nutritional information】
    • In the 4 tablets (2 g) 7.1 Kal calorie / protein 0.10 g / lipid 0.03 g / carbohydrate 1.60 g /sodium 0.4 mg / 15 mg zinc
  • 【Preservation】
    • Avoid high temperature, high humidity, sunlight
  • 【Suggested usage and dosage】
    • 4 tablets /2 times /1 day in standard, with water or hot water
      Served up to 8~12 tablets/1 day
  • 【Attention】
    • Rarely feel nausea.When you feel nausea,we recommend to reduce dosage or quit it.
      This is convergence action in zinc and not be side-effect.
      Since the launch(7 years),we have 3 cases like that.
      Use safely in all cases by reducing the dosage.
      Convergence;to shrink
  • 【Price】
    • ¥8,380(Without tax)
      ¥9,050(Tax included)
Nourishment ingredient indication (2,000 mg of four drops)
Energy 7.1kcal
Protein 0.10g
Lipid 0.03g
Carbohydrate 1.60g
Sodium 0.4g
Zinc 15mg

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