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We would like to contribute to everyone’s health.

When you get sick ,you will go to general practice and hospital.

And you will be prescripted some medicines. Wait a moment!

Some medicines and therapy are important,but is more important thing to self-prevent before developing symptons.

By the way, we are born from the sea and get a lot of minerals from the sea.

The minerals must be useful to keep body condition and health .

Unfortunately many people are mineral deficiency and it causes many diseases

We propose the way how to carry out self-prevention through the research and the
development on mineral.

Management philosophy

The investigation to contribute to the human is real research.
We contribute to the society with our product and imformation.

President:Satoru Kubota

President:Satoru Kubota

After working for about 30 years in Japanese pharmaceutical company, I founded the company.

I’m going to develop the supplements and medicines based on evidences.

【We will propose a new plan to you】
  1. Utilize the medical evidenced based supplements for your health
  2. Choose the supplements with the confidencial knowledge

We might be able to satisfy you by our product(ALFLAT®).

We discovered the special mineral compounds reduced liver fibrosis in collaborating with Asahikawa Medical Univ.,Hokkaido Univ.

And we developed a new nutritional functional food based on medical evidence.

In a few clinical trail, we confirmed the special mineral compounds reduces HbA1c values in diabetes.Diabetes causes Non Alcohol Steato Hepatitis(NASH) and it is one of the worst factor in hepatitis,liver cirrohosis and hepato cellure carcinoma same as virus hepatitis .

Our product might suppress progression of liver diseases and diabetes.

If you are interested in our product ,please get in touch with us.


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