ALFLAT components suppress breast cancer

Preventing recurrence of breast cancer after surgery has become a major problem for women. From the research presentation, we will explain that s zinc, selenium, and salidroside in ALFLAT are useful for “suppressing recurrence and improving survival rate after breast cancer surgery.”
Akt (protein kinase B) works normally when healthy and prevents the natural death of cells. However, it can be affected by other proteins. At that time, it causes abnormalities and is involved in cancer growth.
This abnormality occurs not only in cancer but also in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and neurodegeneration, and affects many diseases. Bcl-1 is a protein required for the growth of cancer cells.
Selenium may suppress the growth of cancer cells by suppressing Akt abnormalities and Bcl-1.
It was reported that selenium suppressed the growth of breast cancer cells, which was no longer effective against anti-cancer drugs. 

PLoS One. 2021 Sep 15;16(9):e0257298
Nutrients 2021.13.935-

Blood data show that patients with high-selenium breast cancer have higher survival rates. Patients after breast cancer surgery are also included.
【Salidroside】(Effective component of Rhodiola species)
Salidroside reduces Cyclin D1、3 involved in cancer cell proliferation
Salidoside increases the gene p21 that suppresses breast cancer

Salidoside suppresses the growth of breast cancer cells.

Oncology Report 2015.33.2553-

As breast cancer metastasizes, zinc and selenium decrease.
Therefore, it is important not to reduce zinc and selenium.
It has been reported that tumor markers are suppressed and symptoms are improved in human.
ALFLAT ( zinc, selenium, and salidroside including) is considered important for suppressing recurrence after breast cancer surgery and for breast cancer prevention measures.
Many people have been using ALFLAT after breast cancer surgery and to prevent the onset of breast cancer for a long time.
Tumor markers are often stable after breast cancer surgery.
It seems that most people take ALFLAT 6 to 8 tablets per day.
ALFLAT supplementation (zinc, selenium, and salidroside including) will be an essential item for adult and elderly women.

ALFLAT is the only product in the world contains zinc, selenium and salidroside

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