Zinc, Selenium, Salidroside(content of Rhodiola sacra) surpressing cancer growth / metastasis

Cancer cells are the result of a mistake program in which genes are damaged, and cell divisions continue to occur with the gene damaged.

However, humans have cancer suppressor genes that prevent cells from becoming cancerous, and p53 is the most famous tumor suppressor gene.

Mutations in p53 can make cancer cells grow, unfortunately. The ally of justice turns into a devil.The p53 mutation occurs in about 40% of all cancers.

Zinc and Selenium have been reported to help restore the mutated p53 gene to normal, thereby preventing cancer cells from growing. ①,②

➀Cell Cycle 2011.10(10)1679-89
➁Mol Cancer Ther 2007;6(1):355–61

Cancer cells themselves cannot move freely because they have no blood vessels, but they make their own blood vessels, connect them to nearby blood vessels, take in the glucose from there, and then connect them.

Suppressing the mechanisms that create blood vessels makes cancer less likely to spread.

Zinc and Selenium suppress the movement of proteins that work when cancer creates new blood vessels(HIF-1α, β, VEGF is a type of protein).

As it inhibits to form new blood vessels, it will become difficult for cancer to metastasizeme.

⑥PloS One 2010:5(12):e15048
⑧Mol Carcinog 2000:29(4):236-50

Zinc, Selenium and Salidroside each interfere with the work of cancer cells

Taking these on a daily basis may reduce the risk of cancer growth and metastasis.

It does not kill cancer cells directly, but it should be considered as a preparation to stop cancer cells working.

Adding to it, glucose is the only energy source of cancer, a living environment that does not consume too much sugar or carbohydrates is also important.

ALFLAT® is a product that combines Zinc, Selenium, and Salidroside.

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