Relationship between colorectal cancer and zinc, selenium

Relationship between colorectal cancer and zinc, selenium

The large intestine is an organ at 2m and the each part has a name.

The high development site of cancer is rectum and sigmoid colon, which is about 70%.

The rectum is a place where it is easy for cancer to occur so that about 50% of all colon cancer occurring.

Sigmoid colon is the next most frequent place.

The most common symptoms of colon cancer are bloody stool, bowel movement abnormality (constipation, diarrhea), abdominal pains.

Cancers are mostly small in early stage and they are aware of anal bleeding and are often found in colon cancer screening.

Ascending colon cancer

  1. Hard to abnormal bowel movement occurring
  2. Bowel movement is liquid
  3. It is hard to find because bleeding takes time until defecation
  4. Symptoms appear such as abdominal pain

Descending colon and sigmoid colon cancer

  1. The lumen of the large intestine is difficult for the feces to pass through and there are bowel movements such as constipation and diarrhea.
  2. It may be a symptom like abdominal pain or bowel obstruction.
  3. It is easy to be found in the stool, because it is close to the anus.

Rectal cancer

  1. It is often found with blood in stool
  2. When the inside of the rectum narrows, the stools become thinner and a feeling of the remaining stool remains even after defecation.

A study by EU countries of a lot of women showed that the risk of colorectal cancer decreases when the selenium value in the blood is higher.

Selenium levels are lower than normal in colorectal cancer.

①Int.J.Cancer 2015.136.5:1149-61

Zinc levels in cancer cells of colon cancer patients are significantly lower than those in normal cells.

②Biomedical research 2010.21.4:445-50

It is reported that the zinc value in blood is also significantly lower than normal.

③J King Saud Univ. Science 2011.23:337-40

The symptoms of colon cancer are greatly different from the place of occurrence.

It is difficult for endoscopes to enter the ascending colon and discoveries tend to be delayed.

In the case of colorectal cancer, it is considered to be relatively slow. However, those who drink alcohol, smoking, and meat intake often require examination of colonoscopy once a year.

As a preventive measure against colorectal cancer, it is important to supple the nutrients such as minerals from day by day and protect the large intestine.

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