Impressions of the user

  • I take it after drinking and before drinking.It is good for me on alcohol metabolism.
  • Since I have taken it , I never remain tired.
  • When I stopped,it took a long time to recover the condition.
  • Although liver function was so bad and poor appetite,since taken it, appetite come out and complexion become better. Furthermore, liver function has been maintained in good.
  • Since I have taken it for 2 years,liver cancer specific marker changed in normal.
  • Since I (Diabetes and Hepatitis patient) have taken it for 2 months,HbA1c changed from 6.5 to 5.8 and AST,ALT,ɤ-GTP changed in below.
  • NASH(Non Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis) and Diabetes patient;
    Although I have taken prescription drugs,NASH and Diabetes haven’t improved.
    While I added ALFLAT® 4~8Tab/1day for 6 months,AST,ALT,HbA1c have improved.

These are posted impression and subjective in patients directly.


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